Installation Wizard

1. Check Environment
2. Database Connection
3. Create Tables
4. Site Configuration
5. Languages
6. Save Configuration
7. Create admin user
8. Get Started

Site Configuration

Index file directory
PhpGedView URL
This should be the URL to your PhpGedView folder. You should only change this setting if you are sure you know what you are doing. PhpGedView has determined this value to be
Allow GEDCOM switching
Allow visitors to request account registration
Require an administrator to approve new user registrations
Allow users to select their own theme
Login URL
Allow messages to be stored online
Use simple mail headers in external mails
Archive log files
Session save path
Session timeout
Maximum page view rate   page views in     seconds
Version Control Commit Command
Memory limit
Use SMTP to send external mails
Outgoing server (SMTP) name
Sending domain name
Use name and password
User name
Secure connection
Sender name
Google Analytics
Activate Google Analytics?
Google Analytics account number
Piwik Analytics
Activate Piwik Analytics?
Piwik Analytics server URL
Piwik Analytics site number
ClustrMaps Analytics
Activate ClustrMaps Analytics?
PhpGedView URL
ClustrMaps server number