Lucy Elliott
Lucy Elliott
Lucy Elliott  ‎(I361)‎
Surname: Elliott
Given Names: Lucy

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 20 February 1887 30 30 Tankersley, Yorkshire, England
Death: 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 71)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 20 February 1887 30 30 Tankersley, Yorkshire, England

Lucy Elliott birth certificateLucy Elliott birth certificate

Marriage Marriage Ephraim Levi Jensen - 1 April 1911 ‎(Age 24)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Death Death 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 71)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Burial Burial 20 March 1958 ‎(5 days after death)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
Cemetery Cemetery: Cloverdale Cemetery

Lucy Elliott Jensen's GravestoneLucy Elliott Jensen's Gravestone

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Parents Family  (F67)
Thomas Elliott
1856 - 1927
Agnes Burkinshaw
1856 - 1935
Charles Elliott
1884 - 1952
Lucy Elliott
1887 - 1958
John Thomas Elliott
1889 - 1983
Lilly Burkinshaw Elliott
1891 - 1918
George Oscar Elliott
1894 - 1968
Howard Burkinshaw Elliott
1896 - 1939
Adah Elliott
1898 - 1994

Immediate Family  (F52)
Ephraim Levi Jensen
1880 - 1971
Bonnie LaVere Jensen
1912 - 2008
Dee Elliot Jensen
1913 - 1962
Gwendolyn Lucile Jensen
1915 - 2015



Lucy Elliott—was born at Tankersley, Yorkshire, England, February 20, 1887. At the age of three months, I sailed with my parents to the United States. As they were ready to sail one of the women wanted to buy me as she said I would never live toc ross the ocean. My mother said she would rather take me with her even if she should die on the journey.

The family settled for a while at Provo, Utah, later moving to Rexburg, Idaho. At the age of six, I started to a small grammar school in the same town, but was forced to leave school before I reached the 8th grade because of sickness in the famil y. Because of the large family I spent my spare time helping to pick wild berries for food for the family.

The first school I remember was at Rexburg. My teacher was named, John Brown. He became so jealous of his wife that he shot her and himself.

The first home I remember was next to the river where I was baptised. There were three rooms in the house. My bedroom was upstairs. In the winter the snow would drift through the rafters as the upstairs was not finished and there would be snow in the corners of the room in the morning. Our mattresses were made of straw and each fall they were filled with fresh straw. We moved from this home closer to town into a house with six rooms, There was a church across the street from our home.

At Christmas time we hung our stockings on our bed posts. One Christmas my mother made me a lace collar with a bow on it as she had no money to buy gifts. Another Christmas I wanted a large doll. My mother thought I was too old for a doll so I re ceived two small dishes. My sister received the doll and I was a very disappointed girl.

As I chummed with my sister most of the time, I didn’t have too many girl friends. One of my friends was ‎(Mona Davis)‎. The first boy that I dated was Charlied Herman. My sister ‎(Lilly)‎ and I sang and played the piano at the different Wards,

We attended a few dances and shows and this was our outside activities. I also enjoyed bicycle riding and this was where I met my future husband as he was in the bicycle business, in St. Anthony. I also liked to ice skate and spent many hours ska ting on the Snake River in the winter.

My father shipped grain and cattle for Mr. Smirthwait, just before going into the land office business. Once a week I would take him by horse and buggy to St. Anthony from Rexburg to his land office.

My Father homesteaded l60 acres above Rexburg. I was 21 at this time and spent three or four days a week for about five months on this property in order that my father might hold this property. Sometimes my brothers or sisters would go with me an d sometimes I would take the neighbors children. I would take hand work with me to help pass the time away.

In the year 1910, I with my family moved to St. Anthony, where I worked in my fathers land office, helping to make abstract books.

When we moved to St. Anthony, I began sewing for people. My mother had a woman do sewing for the family and she made me a dress. When I got home with the dress, I decided that I didn’t like the way it fit and so I took it apart and made the dress over. My mother said if that was the case I could do my own sewing and from then on I made my own clothes and hats. In those days we did a lot of decorating with ostrich plumes and I had a pair that were my favorites.

In the year 1911 on April 1st, I was married to Ephriam Levi Jensen of Ogden, Utah. We came to Boise, Idaho where we made our future home. I was married in a black & white skirt with a blue blouse. We were married bv Heber Z. Hale, who was Presid ent of the Boise Branch at that time. As it was April Fool’s Day, he was not sure that we really were serious about getting married.

I gave birth to three children, Bonnie, Dee & Gwendolyn. I spent my days raising my children, keeping care of my home and looking after my husband and working in many different organizations in the church and doing sewing for people. I was able t obuy most of the furniture for my home from the money I made sewing for people.

Some of the positions that I held in the church were -

Orgainist—Primary 8 years
Relief Society President—Primary 2 years
Counselor Relief Society
Was in charge of temple clothes for First Ward for 4 years.
Sunday School Teacher
Member of the choir.

The following poem was written by Morgan Grover, Bishop at the time of Lucy Elliott Jensens death and was given by him at her funeral ‎(March 15, 1958)‎


They have gone down life's road together
And a pleasant journey it's been
They have shared many joys and sorrows
Hoping it would not end.

But they knew by the faith within them
this was something that had to be
Yet it's not an end—only a pause
In their trek to eternity.

We are sad we'll admit at this parting.
We will miss her as no words can tell.
Still we know she is waiting for others
to come, and with our Savior dwell.

God will give her family the courage
That they need so much at this time
to make the needed adjustment
And some way find peace of mind.

We’ll treasure each pleasant mem’ry
And give thanks to our Father above
For the joy, through the years,
Of her kindness, unselfish devotion, and love.

She has sorrow nor pain no longer.
For in paradise her soul now rests
Awaiting the great resurrection
With its joy and its happiness.

Her life here on earth has been fruitful
For a servant of God she has been
Her reward should be the highest
Attained by the children of men,

Great love for God’s sons and daughters
Through many years she has shown
With faithful service in her church
caring for others as her own.

Now by their fruits ye shall know them
As the prophets of old have foretold.
Her children and their families
Are more precious than silver or gold.

No man has been more devoted
To his family, his church and his friends,
Than Grandpa Ephriam Jensen
And our love to him we extend.

This beautiful Chapel in which we meet--
It’s construction to a great degree
Was done by an excellent builder—
Her son, by the name of Dee.

The lives of hundreds of children
have been touched for the better we know
By two wonderful Sunday School Workers
Bonnie and Maryjo.

The other children and grandchildren
have done their alloted share
And have shown great love and kindness
In their Grandmother Jensen's care.

Now we pray for God’s choicest blessings
To be with those who mourn
That their burdens night be made lighter
And their sorrow more easily born.

That they might resolve more fully
Each day of their lives to prepare
That someday they might be found worthy
To return to her loving care.

Written by Bishop Morgan Grover

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Family with Parents
Thomas Elliott ‎(I418)‎
Birth 21 December 1856 31 19 Ratten Row, Stainbrough, Yorkshire, England
Death 4 August 1927 ‎(Age 70)‎ Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, USA
-5 months
Agnes Burkinshaw ‎(I419)‎
Birth 3 August 1856 35 29 Thurgoland, Wortley, Yorkshire, England
Death 16 June 1935 ‎(Age 78)‎ St. Anthony, Fremont, Idaho, USA

Marriage: 5 February 1884 -- Tankersley, Yorkshire, England
9 months
Charles Elliott ‎(I420)‎
Birth 27 October 1884 27 28 Pilley, Tankersley Parish, Yorkshire, England
Death 1 August 1952 ‎(Age 67)‎
2 years
Lucy Elliott ‎(I361)‎
Birth 20 February 1887 30 30 Tankersley, Yorkshire, England
Death 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 71)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
3 years
John Thomas Elliott ‎(I425)‎
Birth 26 September 1889 32 33 Teton City, Bingham, Idaho, USA
Death 16 November 1983 ‎(Age 94)‎
2 years
Lilly Burkinshaw Elliott ‎(I421)‎
Birth 19 December 1891 34 35 Rexburg, Fremont, Idaho, USA
Death 8 December 1918 ‎(Age 26)‎
2 years
George Oscar Elliott ‎(I422)‎
Birth 11 February 1894 37 37 Rexburg, Fremont, Idaho, USA
Death 20 March 1968 ‎(Age 74)‎ Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
3 years
Howard Burkinshaw Elliott ‎(I423)‎
Birth 6 October 1896 39 40 Rexburg, Fremont, Idaho, USA
Death 10 May 1939 ‎(Age 42)‎
2 years
Adah Elliott ‎(I424)‎
Birth 23 December 1898 42 42 Rexburg, Bingham, Idaho, USA
Death 9 September 1994 ‎(Age 95)‎
Family with Ephraim Levi Jensen
Ephraim Levi Jensen ‎(I360)‎
Birth 6 February 1880 26 27 North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Death 25 February 1971 ‎(Age 91)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
7 years

Lucy Elliott ‎(I361)‎
Birth 20 February 1887 30 30 Tankersley, Yorkshire, England
Death 15 March 1958 ‎(Age 71)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Marriage: 1 April 1911 -- Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
11 months
Bonnie LaVere Jensen ‎(I1135)‎
Birth 20 February 1912 32 25 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
Death 28 August 2008 ‎(Age 96)‎ Salem, Marion, Oregon, USA
17 months
Dee Elliot Jensen ‎(I362)‎
Birth 3 August 1913 33 26 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
Death 7 February 1962 ‎(Age 48)‎ Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
2 years
Gwendolyn Lucile Jensen ‎(I207)‎
Birth 1 October 1915 35 28 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA
Death 23 March 2015 ‎(Age 99)‎ Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho, USA